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Comprehensive Educational Solution


Academic Diagnostic

Our award-winning academic diagnostic collects rich data from a proprietary assessment tool that uses adaptive technology to gain deeper knowledge of your child’s academic needs. Diagnostic data is transformed into meaningful, actionable insight that is used to assign a personalized lesson plan for your child. A report will be shared with you pinpointing your child's strengths and knowledge gaps at the sub-skill level for math and reading.

Online Guided Lessons

Guided personalized instruction delivers powerful online lessons that motivate students on their paths to proficiency and growth. Driven by insights from the academic diagnostic, online lessons provide tailored instruction that meets students where they are in their learning journey and encourages them as they develop new skills. Lessons have been tested and designed to keep students engaged and learning.

Remote Sessions With A Teacher

Remote teacher support and instruction reinforces your child's understanding of newly learned concepts. On-demand or scheduled sessions in 10-minute increments optimize effectiveness and cost. Teachers will also review lessons flagged by our system due to lack of understanding or focus. Upon your request, our teachers can provide supplemental assignments and instruction to support your child's academic needs.

School-based Software Now Available at Home

MATH, including sub-concepts Numbers & Operations, Algebra & Algebraic Thinking, Measurement & Data and Geometry.

ENGLISH, including sub-concepts Phonetic Awareness, Decoding, Fluency, Vocabulary Development, Literary Analysis, Reading Strategies and Reading Comprehension.




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