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3 Steps to Set Up a Learning Environment At Home

3 Steps to Set Up a Learning Environment At Home

Due to Covid-19, many parents have now become educators. Without direction, many parents have been left feeling stressed, confused, and overwhelmed. Not knowing where to begin, setting up a learning environment can be frustrating. Organization is a key factor in helping diminish feelings of stress and creating a successful learning environment at home. At all times, but especially times like these, where thinking on your feet is priority, it’s important to have things organized in your home, particularly regarding your learning environment. Here are a few tips to create a conducive learning environment in your home, despite your busy quarantined schedule.

  1. Make a List

Really think about what you need. You don’t want to have too much or too little of any one supply. You also don’t want to have things your child most likely will not be using, or not have something your child will need. Making a list ensures you get what is necessary for your child’s learning. It is also a great way to keep learning at home in your budget!

  1. Choose a Space

Choosing the right space for learning employs a lot of factors. Minimize distractions that are around. You might not want your learning environment to be in the living room where other family members may be watching TV, or you might not want your learning environment to be next to the game room where siblings may be loud. Your learning environment should be quiet, free of clutter, and have enough space for your child to work freely. You will also want the area to be well-lit and comfortable. The key here is to promote focus and reduce tension.

  1. Set Rules

The purpose of this space is learning, therefore, just like in a school, rules must be established. For instance, a no cell phone or video game policy can help your child remain focused on completing tasks. Eliminating eating the in area can cut back on messed up technology (used for learning) or worksheets. 

A Successful Learning Environment at Home

The learning environment at home is only as good as you make it. Make sure learning is always being prioritized. When this happens, you are more likely to encourage your child to value learning. 

Make sure you are working with your child. Although Learn@Home provides a curriculum that can be completed independently, showing interest in your child’s work also promotes a valued education. 

Encourage play and mistakes. Younger children will definitely benefit from hands-on play learning, but older children can play educational games. Play stimulates  brain connections and fosters imagination. Also, let your child know that making mistakes is okay. Mistakes allow room for learning and growth. After all, the main goal of the learning environment at home is learning.

The learning environment you create for your child should encourage independence and ownership of one’s education and failures. 


Learn@Home takes the guesswork out of content for your learning environment. Our StudyBuddy curriculum teaches students in Pre-K through 8th grade. Our lesson plans do not require parental involvement. Teacher check-ins ensure your child stays on track. A good curriculum and a well built learning environment at home are keys to a successful educational journey during this pandemic.

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