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4 Great Tips to Stay Mindful At Home With Your Child

4 Great Tips to Stay Mindful At Home With Your Child

During these times, it is easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated from sitting in the house day by day. It’s easy to lose focus as a parent which in turn can throw your child off track. Mindfulness is a practice used to help individuals remain intentionally present and aware of their surroundings and feelings. Being mindful has many benefits including reduced anxiety levels, better sleep, and increased concentration. Children may often need help with relaxation as much as their adult caregivers. Here are some tips that will help you stay mindful at home with your child even when things seem to be chaotic:

  1. Practice Your Breathing

The last thing you’re probably thinking about when feeling overwhelmed is your breathing, but focusing on your breathing can help you relax. Breathing exercises can also be taught to your child as this is one of the simplest ways to clear your mind and regulate your body. 

  1. Pay Attention to Your Body

It’s important to notice how you are feeling. Recognize all the parts of your body and how they feel. Go through each body part starting with the tip of your toes out loud or in your mind. Doing this with a child also helps him to recognize how his body feels and can help with recognizing emotions and the signs of significant emotions such as anger. This also includes paying attention to your senses. Recognize the things you smell and hear. 

  1. Utilize Quiet Time

Whenever you get a moment of silence, use it to practice your breathing or focus on how you are feeling. Focus on what is going on around you. Use this time to sit with your child and ask him what is going on inside and outside of his body, and all around. Breathe with him. This is also a great way to practice being present and show him that you are working to understand his perspective on things.  

  1. Spend Quality Time

Nothing screams present and intentional than spending one on one time with your child without electronics. There are many things you can do with your child that shows him you are not distracted and that he has all your attention. Go for a walk and point out things that you may have never once noticed. Children notice a great amount of detail in everyday life and this is a great way to relate to your child and really try to see things through his eyes. 

Learn@Home provides an opportunity for parents to work with their children without distraction on personalized lessons. Using these techniques to stay mindful at home with your child can help him concentrate better on lessons and remain focused. 

All times, but especially times like these where interactions are limited, giving children the opportunity to practice foundational skills is imperative for continued development. Our hybrid environment gives students the best of both worlds and helps them prepare for the years to come.

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