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How Do I Know My Child Is Learning?

How Do I Know My Child Is Learning?

Knowing our child is learning is important to parents. The new challenges we face with education and our lifestyle has made that feel hard, but these three tips will help!

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While we have often depended on conferences and report cards to indicate learning, things feel different now. Parents are witnessing the process firsthand or at least trying to navigate a new learning system in light of the pandemic. No matter what you are facing, you can be confident that your child is learning what he or she needs.

Have a Daily Check-in Time

Making time to check in daily can help kids and parents stay on the same page. Whether your child is heading to school and you go through a backpack checklist in the morning or your child is learning at home and you go through a nightly check-in to make sure things got done, it is important to make this time part of your daily routine so you both know what is happening.

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Connect with the Teacher

Teachers are busier than ever these days trying to make sure every student is learning the rich, full curriculum of material. For some, that looks like in-class learning with adjustments to how things are done. For others, it means navigating a home learning set-up through video and email communication. 

No matter how your child is learning, the best way you can keep up with things is by connecting with the teacher. Be honest about the things your child is struggling with. Share the things that are working well. This gives the teacher a chance to modify things to ensure your child is getting what he or she needs.

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Seek Help

While you may have spent years parenting, academic educating may be a new endeavor for you. As parents we have always needed to be active in our kids learning, but with additional responsibility and new pressures it can feel hard to navigate on our own.

There are resources that create the bridge between you and your child’s learning.

Study Buddy offers tutoring in math and reading at your child’s specific age grade level. That means your child is getting customized learning opportunities each week. Plus, there are weekly live sessions with a teacher, ensuring your child understands the concepts presented. 

With weekly reports sent to parents and personalized assessments throughout the year, parents will be confident that their child is truly growing in his or her learning!

You can try a free month of Study Buddy and discover the benefits of working with a team to help your child today. Click HERE to sign up!

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