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How Learn@Home is Changing the Way Kids Learn Online

How Learn@Home is Changing the Way Kids Learn Online

If you are the parent of school-aged children, you undoubtedly have a lot on your plate to worry about these days. Nation-wide school closures, with no defined end in sight, have forced educators to move from in-class to online instruction.

This has disrupted the daily routine of teachers, students, and parents. Teachers are needing to find new ways to adapt their lessons to an online format while students are trying to adjust to a new way of learning, and parents are just left worrying about the quality of the education that their children are receiving.

If you are concerned about your child falling behind or simply not receiving the opportunities to advance beyond their current level – you are not alone. Online learning in primary and middle school is a whole new game for many families and navigating these waters alone can stress even the calmest of parents.

When educators and learners are not used to making the most of the unique format of online learning, it can be less effective. Giving and receiving online instruction requires incredible self-discipline, motivation, and flexibility.

Not to mention that many students who thrive on a one-to-one or group interaction may feel lost or left behind. With the teacher no longer present or as accessible as before, many parents are finding that they are being expected to step up and help guide their children through their education.

Roadblocks to Parent Participation

During this pandemic, parents are navigating through their changes in routine, as well. For some, that means transitioning to a work-from-home environment, and for others, dealing with the stress and uncertainty of being laid-off or furloughed. Becoming your child’s teacher may be the thing you least expected to do.

For parents who have several children that are now staying at home, every day and every hour of the day, they are struggling to strike a balance. Finding appropriate activities for different age groups, coordinating homework, playtime, and screen time – along with juggling your work can be overwhelming.

What makes it even more difficult to provide your child with the personalized assistance that they may require is the fact that many years have passed since your last 8th-grade algebra class. Without the proper training and knowledge, you may be left fumbling around for the right way to explain equations and functions.

You want your child to make the most of their education, there is no doubt about it. But there are few solutions on the market today that allow you to do this without having to worry about tracking every step of your child’s progress by yourself.

How Learn@Home is Changing the Way Kids Learn Online

Learn@Home has created the perfect solution for students and parents who are looking to get more from their education during this difficult time. We provide an effective online blended learning environment that helps students solidify what they’ve learned in school.

Our blended learning environment is different from other services you will find out there today. We combine online lessons that can be taken at your child’s own pace with weekly one-on-one sessions with a dedicated educator. It is the combination of the best of online and in-person instruction.

Unlike other online learning services, with Learn@Home, parent participation is not required. However, we do make it easy for the parent to stay informed on their child’s progress through weekly email updates. When parents sign up for Learn@Home, they have the peace of mind that their child’s learning will be tailored, targeted, and tracked. 

Giving Your Kids the Best Learning Opportunities

Let’s be honest – every child learns differently and at their own pace. The traditional educational system is unable to adapt to these individual learning needs. This can mean that some students are left behind as their peers advance more quickly than them.

The answer to this problem is clear: targeted and tailored learning. Learn@Home has mastered this approach through its blending learning environment that helps students reach and exceed their academic goals. Let’s dive into what you can expect when you sign up your child at Learn@Home.

A Targeted Approach

Everything begins with a diagnostic test to assess your child’s learning needs. We use a proprietary assessment tool with adaptive technology that helps gain a deeper knowledge of your child’s academic needs.

Once the assessment is complete, you’ll receive a report that pinpoints your child’s strengths and knowledge gaps for math and reading.

A Tailored Plan

From the insights gathered during the diagnostic phase, our educators will create a tailored instruction plan. This plan includes online lessons that meet the child where they are in their learning journey as well as encourages them to develop new skills. The best part is that your child will only need to spend about 45-minutes per week on each subject, which totals just an additional 1.5 hours per week spent on learning.

Through game-based lessons and an innovative rewards system, Learn@Home is making it fun for the student to practice and learn skills in math, reading, and writing. These online lessons are kid-approved for their ability to engage, teach, and delight.

Support Along the Way

No education is complete without a face-to-face component. That is why your child can receive online support from a dedicated tutor in the form of 10- or 40-minute weekly sessions. During these sessions, our educators can address any problems flagged by our system and dive deeper into topics that may require additional focus.

These weekly one-on-one live online teacher check-ins are unique to our platform. They provide encouragement and motivation for the student and help alleviate parents from the burden of monitoring their child and having to support their learning.

Personal Tutors Can be Affordable

We believe that every child should have access to the best educational support. That’s why we also make our program affordable with standard membership costing as low as $72 per month.

This price includes everything you need to get your student started on the right foot down the path to academic success.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to your child’s education, small things make a difference. This is why we focus on providing tailored, targeted, and affordable online instruction with support from real educators.

With so many of us navigating this new way of living during a pandemic, creating some sense of routine and normalcy in our lives is important for our well-being. Education is one essential fact of daily life that should not be left up to guesswork.

Getting your child back on track now will help prepare them for success in the years to come.

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